How to make it happen

We recognize that many people would love to come out and “caddy for a cure,” but the cost is simply outside your charitable means and budget for the year. It is indeed a rare and once in a lifetime experience we are offering, and our goal is to raise as much as possible for the charities we support.

A few years ago, when walking into a chain department store we all know and frequent, we saw something that struck a chord with how to help you “caddy for a cure.” There they were, selling away just a little to a lot, and getting their objective done. So, we envisioned a “caddyathon” for those who want to come carry for one of the world’s greatest, and just need some financial support.

We encourage you to go into your community and announce you are attempting to caddy for 18 holes and would like them to commit to an amount per hole. We have found many that have gone out and raised the funds needed to put them over the top and have allowed them to “caddy for a cure” with ease using this method.

Get creative, set goals, do car washes, sell raffle tickets (we can help), and many other ideas.

If you would like, please feel free to call us at 954-341-4600 to discuss unique ways to raise the money for the charity, and provide YOU with the experience of a golf lifetime!