Christian’s Corner

Welcome to Christian’s Corner. Christian was born on August 25th, 1993 and was born with Fanconi anemia, a rare bone marrow disorder. Christian has had a successful bone marrow transplant and is doing well. So well in fact he is now our National Spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure and comes often with us on the PGA TOUR. Christian is the impetus of our program and a hero to many families suffering with FA. As you will see and read below, he has quite a few friends in some very high places!

October 2019 Blog Post

Been away for a long while now, I’m getting back into the swing of things so to speak. Many of you already know Calen was diagnosed with mouth Cancer twice within the last year, some of you have kept up with his story, asked me to update you on his story and I have, but let me fill in some blanks, after his first go round He and I were invited to Caddy for our good friend Bubba Watson and walk with his family during the 2018 Masters Par 3 tournament, he let us hit a few shots and as usual even despite Calen not being 100% he still out drove me, fast forward he had cancer again round 2 this year and he is currently in Radiation treatment to insure cancer won’t return, he is well but sore at times, recently Calen and I both Co-Recieved the PGA Tour and Birdies For The Brave Courage Award as the 2nd and 3rd recipients, it has only been given to one person before us and it was presented by our Good friend and 2018 Ryder Cup Team USA captain Jim Furyk who then continued to show us how great of a person he truly is by asking Calen and I to officially represent Ryder cup Team USA with official Team USA Polo made Uniforms (yes, he asked us before he asked Tiger) shhh! While sadly Calen won’t be there in Atlanta at the Tour Championship I guess I have to go beat Bubba in our annual 3 way putting contest (I can win) only because I’m #CalenStrong

Stay tuned to hear about what happens in Atlanta and more exciting news coming up !

Co-National Spokesperson


Florida Swing 2010

Florida was great as many of you know recently we auctioned off the best golfer the Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus) at the Honda Classic and it was great. Then we headed to Doral in Miami which was our recruitment week for caddyforacure. We got a lot of good guys to sign up to help later on in the year there in Doral. Also I met some very interesting and kind people in Doral like Jenny Larson from Chick Fil A at the Dadeland Mall, and some new friends from Lockheed Martin and met some military service men and women. They were very kind and we need to thank them for their service to our country because we live free because of the brave. We met our service men and women at the Birdies for the Brave military outpost tent where we had Chick Fil A for lunch (Chick Fil A is my favorite). My pal Flash really hooked us up at Doral! Then we were off to Tampa for another tournament for a day (The Transistions). Then we headed to Pirate City for spring training and dinner with Russ Holden and Pirate pitcher Brandon Holden. We had a blast then we headed home to Russ’s house to spend my last few days in Florida where I also met Zig Ziglar at a motivational speaker thing in the Florida Panthers hockey arena then later that night we came back for a Newsboys Christian band rock concert. Oops I almost forgot we met up with The Golf Channels Tim Rosaforte who is now my new buddy we met at Doral and he was as nice as can be. Ok that’s it for this time until next time thanks for reading and tune back in next time.

Portland Again

Wow getting to fly with a marine who protected President Clinton’s helicopter and my friend Gary Myers down to Florida to watch Brandon Holden in a long drive competiton with another Pittsburgh Pirate (Bobby Bradley) was cool, then me and Russ went to Oregon to the LPGA Tournament up there where I met Stacy Lewis, Paula Creamer and Natalie Gulbis for the first time, we also saw our friends Brittany Lincicome, Nichole Hage and Christina Kim, many thanks to our wonderful ”caddies” for the day, then it was off to Wisconsin for Scott Sanders annual tournament to benefit Caddy For A Cure where I had a blast, my brother Calen, the National Diplomat along with my parents came up and had a great time at the outing, where he and my parents met Scott’s family and I met his daughter Meghan and we all got fat on Kopp’s frozen custard then it was home to Georgia again…