This page is devoted to our National Diplomat and FA Patient, Calen Collins. He is the younger brother of our National Spokesperson Christian Collins. He was born with Fanconi Anemia and has undergone a successful bone marrow transplant and is living a relatively normal life with his family in Georgia. Stay tuned as Calen begins to come out with us on the PGA and LPGA TOURS to meet the players, fans, and officials, and spread the word about curing his disease. We are delighted to offer you Calen (AKA Robin) and his caper here:

Hey my name is Calen and i am 13 and i have a Disease called Fanconi Anemia and it alowes me to be three feet tall i try to do many things and i can do menny things bout so of it i can not do even thow i am three feet i can stil do a lot of things and that is all i have to say rite now if you call me soon we can talk about it and that will help me alot more if you did if you do not call me or talk to me then i will not want to do the blog and i want to do the blog bout you have to call me soon or i will not do the blog ok that is all i am going to say rite now so reid this Email ok bye

It all started out when i was born i was born with a disease called fanconi anemia it is a very rare bone marrow disorder it is a genetic disease that has only 3,000 cases worldwide and ultimately leads to marrow failure resulting in the need for a bone marrow transplant in order to survive which i had when i was 5 years old back in 2003 and even though my brother was to young to donate some of his marrow my parents and the head doctor, doctor harris signed off on connor being able to donate some of his marrow to me in order to save my life since he was a good match even though he was to young to donate, so now i want to take the time ad thank the people involved the head doctor doctor harris my toy lady brandy the rest of the cool doctor my mm and my dad and my AWESOME Big brother CONNOR.