Welcome to my new blog! Hi I am Christian Collins the national spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure I just wanted to tell you about my expereince in Hilton head this year it was a amazing fun time we had Boo Weekley and Robert Allenby doing Caddy For A Cure in Hilton head and the people who caddied for them had a blast and so did the players, and two of my best friends are Boo Weekley and his caddie Jo Jo Pyland and Robert is a terrific guy and the very kind man who caddied for Robert Allenby, Doug Renegar is a very kind man Robert hit a hole in one on the seventeenth hole during the practice round and autographed the golf ball and gave it to Doug who then gladly gave it to me what a terrific guy! We all had our pictures taken on the eighteenth hole in front of the lighthouse wow what a pretty site we even saw dolphins!

That is amazing and I can promise going on tour and caddying for a great guy like Robert or Boo is a great experience and another reason why I love Hilton Head is because me and my friend Kayla Holden got to sit on stage in Harbour Town and listen to our very silly friend Gregg Russell, is that a Booger in the Sugar, no it’s not. Well I had a bunch for lunch I could hear the suckers crunch is that a booger in the sugar no it’s not. The first few words of our friend Gregg Russell’s famous song Booger in the Sugar.