What has happened in the latest with Caddy For A Cure you ask? here it goes Russ meets me in Atlanta the day after my birthday August the 26th at the airport. We fly to Portland where we meet our great sponsor from Emerick Construction – Corey Lohman. He picks us up and takes us to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Ok now the boring part is over. At dinner we had a little wager that I wouldn’t try to sweet talk the waitress so I wrote my number on a Sweet N Lo packet and flipped it to her. Never got a call even though we went back and left a personalized Sharpie and card. The next night we had our annual dinner/donation party that Mr. Lohman kindly puts together for us yearly. I met some of the coolest people there including some girls who worked for a local cigar company, and before the night was over I thanked everyone for coming and some of us stayed until closing time including our LPGA friend Gail Graham who was once a player herself. On Friday our last day we flew out to Bandon Dunes and my new friend Jennise who is very bright and outgoing although if you ask what happened on the 17th hole you will get an answer that is classified response from everyone! We then went on to the par three course and no one has had a golf cart on that course but there is a first time for everything. Thank you to our friend and sponsor from Emerick Corey Lohman for taking us to Bandon Dunes and for getting me a golf cart as well as allowing my new friend Jennise to come with, Russ, Gail Graham, and I.