This summer has been great, hot but great, kicked off this summer with the Exodus youth band from Vineville United Methodist Church’s tour Exodus 2k14. One of the churchs we sang at was my old church in Boca Raton named Cason UMC, and I one night I was there and went to dinner with family and friends where I met Orange County Choppers Paul SR.
These were the highlights from the tour^

After the tour I was home for four days then I flew to Bermuda, my favorite resturant in Bermuda was called Lido and it was at our hotel. After spending a few days in Bermuda we ventured downtown and passed a Masonic Temple so of course I had to Have Mom, Dad, Connor and Calen walk back up the hill with me to take my picture on the front steps. while we were in Bermuda we went on a ferry cruise and saw a little cove under a house that pirates used to like to hideout in to avoid capture.
After we left Bermuda we were home for a few days before we went to Amelia Island Florida for vacation. While at the Beach we Celebrated Grandads birthday(July 1st) and Calens Birthday(July 2nd). On Calens Birthday we all participated in a Surfing Lesson(Cameron,Connor,Calen,Riley Anderson & I). I never fell once while surfing and it was myfirst time, Our friends Macy Meeks and Sarah Farriba drove down from Macon Ga and Arrived after lunch, we opened presents at various times throughout the day as more people showed up including Francine, Dave, Carson & Isabella.
For Dinner went to our favorite place downtown “Espana” for dinner, For those who’d like to know what all Calen got for his gifts ask him email him at

Also for his Birthday one of his final gifts was a two part that he & I got. As of August 20th we will be at driving school for testing for cars! Many, many more exciting things coming soon

On a side note on July 3rd we got a visit from Steve Kupcha & family! And me and dad took them out on the boat just as a storm was coming in.
Till next time