Ok I am back as many of you know a few weeks ago Caddyforcure went to Arkansas and has gone to the Ladies (LPGA Tour) now! and wow who knew Caddyforcure could have so much fun in a state like Arkansas we score a beautiful hotel that had been standing for two years but looked like it was brand new and you would never guess what car was parked in our hotel parking lot every night….. If you guessed the Oscar Meyer mobile then you Are right, we had such a great time in Arkansas and made lots of new friends like Irene cho who right off the bat when she met me, she took me around and introduced me to Everyone including Christina Kim and Michelle Wii, so on to our caddy for the day a great man named Joe Faeh who is also a Caddyforcure board member was the Caddy for Brittany Lincicome and he wasn’t to shabby at it either, as Joe was caddying we were laughing and having a ball then I got Brittany to try to juggle and for a golfer she wasn’t to bad at it after our round of golf with Brittany we went to the clubhouse and had lunch with everyone where I met Brittany’s mom who was as nice as could be just like her daughter and right before lunch Brittany handed me a signed golf ball!!! Then later it was dinner at carrabas but Brittany couldn’t go because she had to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game so we invited her caddy Michael to go to dinner with us and he did and as we are getting up after desert guess what happened we get a twitter message that said Brittany was at carrabas but we looked and didn’t see her any where and as we were about to walk out we saw her she was across the restaurant at a big table so we went and joined her for a little while and then as we were about to leave she pulled a sneaky and had slid a autographed card of hers under my arm. Wow Arkansas was great but that’s not even the end and you thought I was done huh? So now we are at the airport in Arkansas and guess who was working the counter and checking tickets and loading bags onto the planes my dad!! Haha not really but the guy’s name was Chris Collins then we flew to Charlotte and made a friend at a chocolate store then russ and I flew to Atlanta where he caught another flight home and we made a new friend on the flight to Atlanta as well named Stephanie then we landed in Atlanta where my grandmother picked me up at the airport and russ and I departed with Stephanie then russ and I went separate ways, one to Macon the other to Florida,

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