Blue Angels Change of Command

Ok as a lot of you know November 8th was the annual CaddyForACure golf tournament and dinner/auction in Coral Springs Fl. So my mom, dad, and brother Calen (national diplomat) and I decided to go down for the tournament and it was great we made new friends and saw some old ones as well! This year the tournament was great we had Gail graham with the LPGA tour come down and our wounded warrior pals Bryan Belcher, Andy Butterworth and Michael Proscia came down as well we also had Jenny Larson come from Chick-fil-a in Miami and she brought her friends Angela and Gabe Zaldivar with her and we all worked the Chick-fila-a tent and had special made nuggets (extra crispy) and fries for lunch. flash forward a few days later we drove to Mrs. Colleens parents house in Pensacola to watch the season ending flight and Change of Command at the Navy’s flight demonstration team the Blue Angels home base where we met all of the “Blues” including the the New Captain and sqaudron leader “Boss” Koss who when I met him was “Mini Boss” under captain Greg Mcwerhter and While he was Mini Boss he gave me my call sign “Mini Kitty” after he found out my dad’s name is Chris Collins and my name is Christian he gave me a mini version of the call sign the last # 4 slot pilot Chris Collins had he was known as “Kitty”. During the airshow Chris Collins “Kitty” flew over the crowd and right over my head cockpit side down then the solo pilots #5 and the opposing solo pilot #6 performed their stunts by flying in over heads and almost hitting each other then they joined up with the four man formation and did “ready break” after the “Blues” landed Boss Wisely took Russ, Mrs. Colleen, Kayla and I onto the tarmac to have our picture with the “Blues” in front of the #6 plane and while we were in line waiting to take our picture we met the skipper (commander) of the base and his wife (who is a math teacher) then we took our picture in front of the Jet once again meeting all of the “Blues” then we went to the Museum of Aviation on base and saw Boss Wisely’s Blue Angels plane and a painting of his “war plane” shooting down a “mig” then we went to a gathering in the museum where the Blue Angels came in with their flight suits on. Then Russ and Mrs. Colleen went to dinner with Boss wisely and his wife Nadine while me and Kayla stayed with her grandparents and wresteled (I won) then we played chineese checkers with her grandma while her grandpa watched tv but we didnt finish the game it was a 3 way tie. Now onto the next day the Holdens and I went to the airshow again and it was awesome “Kitty” flew over my head again Then out of nowhere I hear that a NCIS Special Agent is there and Boss Wisely is trying to get him to come meet me, Boss Wisely found the NCIS Agent and when he did Speacial Agent Ian ran back to his office on base to get me some goodies! Including a official NCIS Special Agent field hat! A NCIS challenge coin! and a NCIS baseball! It was awesome meeting Special Agent Ian it was like a dream come true I even held his badge with him for a picture and he was so kind to me now I Love NCIS more than I did before!, then he said goodbye to me and then I met a “hottie” and we talked for a while then did a interview with for a local news station, that night me and kayla went to her grandparents house while and watched a movie and I was on the local news that night but i missed it, the next day we went to the change of command so we could say goodbye to the Blue Angels that were done with their two years as Blue Angels and to watch the command change from Greg mcwherter to Dave Koss. Then we were invited to the after part in the hangar with the planes, and we got to go in Fat Albert the Blue Angels c-130 plane and take pictures and say goodbye to our new friends.

Until next time,