Wow! what a great experience last week at The PLAYERS. Our first day there we get invited to go see Paul Casey film a commercial wow! That was awesome where we met a really nice lady from The Golf Channel and some other really nice people we had a great time it was my first time at The PLAYERS and it was amazingly fun I had a blast met some other really cool people we even heard George H. Bush was coming out for military appreciation day. We had Vaughn Taylor and Matt Kuchar do Caddy For A Cure and they were really nice. Mrs. Kuchar was really nice and she knows one of my favorite actors Chris O’ Donnell. That’s what happened day two for us and on day three we had Vaughn Taylor do Caddy For A Cure it was cool to walk the back nine holes with Vaughn and Matt. It is a great experience and a good way to learn their backgrounds and have fun while golfing and other great part is knowing all the proceeds go to charity. Also it’s was awesome to meet Mr. Pete Dye the designer who designed the famous golf course we also met Mr. Billy Dettlaff but that’s not it for day three. Just when you think it’s going to end what do you know we go to the ceremony for military appreciation day on the eighteenth hole with two hundred or so Marines lined up the eighteenth fairway to welcome George H. Bush riding down the eighteenth green with Mr. Finchem the head of the PGA TOUR where Mr. Bush stood up and spoke when four U.S. F-18 jets came flying over and I had the best seat in the house. I was the closest to the President then what do you know we head over to a local hotel where a potential sponsor was staying so we go there to see if we can work something out when we are wrapping things up there. who walks in but the very pilots from the fly over with the f-18s and his fellow air men. So we go over to them and introduce our selves and explain our charity, exchange business cards, and then their leader called their captain or (boss) walks over to me and rips off of his uniform one of his patches and hands it to me he also gave me a f-18 fighter jet pin to stick on my hat! That was very special and kind of him then we all took pictures and talked then me and Russ went to dinner at Dave & Busters and had a blast playing games and having fun after a full days work we go to our hotel and check emails, get ready for bed and crash next day also earlier on day three we saw or buddy Dean Teykl at Srixon and he has the iphone just like me and he tells me to get a new app for my phone for free called bump. Well it didn’t take me long to figure out how to use it we bump hands with our phones in our hands and pick a number from our phone books. I gave Dean his own number and he gave me Robert Allenby’s number. I had tricked him again then the next day me and Russ get up early and it’s the day I go home but not yet we go to the Wounded Warrior Project center to see our good buddies Jeff Searcy and his loving family and of course our Wounded Warrior buddy Andy Butterworth. Mr. Jeff hooked us up with official WWP gear.