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Welcome to Christian's Corner. Christian was born on August 25th, 1993 and was born with Fanconi anemia, a rare bone marrow disorder. Christian has had a successful bone marrow transplant and is doing well. So well in fact he is now our National Spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure and comes often with us on the PGA TOUR. Christian is the impetus of our program and a hero to many families suffering with FA. As you will see and read below, he has quite a few friends in some very high places!



Little Big Man by "Doc"

no matter how
hard you try
you are
who you are
for reasons
you'll know
what's going on
with you
is the future
now is when
we dream
about our future
what you'll be
when you grow up
older and wiser
doesn't pretend
you'll walk
on the water
so to speak.
this is what
we've waited for
you I see
giant steps
off the boat
before you leap
walk your walk
what you leap into
what you'll keep
what you'll share
how aware
like the man
from Galilee
you'll walk
on the water
so to speak.


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Christian Collins' Blog from the PGA TOUR


Ok back at it again, we were at The Honda Cl...

What has happened in the latest with Caddy For A Cure you ask? here it goes Russ meets me in Atlanta the day after my birthday August the 26th at the airport. We fly to Portland where we meet our great sponsor from Emerick Construction - Corey Lohman...
In August my brother Colby confiscated my phone on august 24th he said he wanted me to spend the day with the family with no phone for the rest of the day he was planning on taking us to a movie and about 15 minutes before we are to get in the car I ...
Happy New Year... I am back with more exciting news starting with some events that were towards the end of last year, we will start with the exciting news that a caddy that 'caddied' for a cure in Oregon for Stacey Lewis runs a construction company a...
Dear friends many of you don't know this but in early March I went to the Honda Classic for the second year in a row and Jack Nicklaus (The Golden Bear) helped Caddy For A Cure for the second year in a row as well as Kenny G the amazing saxaphone pla...
Ok as a lot of you know November 8th was the annual CaddyForACure golf tournament and dinner/auction in Coral Springs Fl. So my mom, dad, and brother Calen (national diplomat) and I decided to go down for the tournament and it was great we made new f...

Ok I am back as many of you know a few weeks ago Caddyforcure went to Arkansas and has gone to the Ladies (LPGA Tour) now! and wow who knew Caddyforcure could have so much fun in a state like Arkansas we score a beautiful hotel that had been stand...

Wow getting to fly with a marine who protected President Clinton's helicopter and my friend Gary Myers down to Florida to watch Brandon Holden in a long drive competiton with another Pittsburgh Pirate (Bobby Bradley) was cool, then me and Russ went t...
A few weeks ago I was in Wisconsin hanging out with our friends Scott Sanders, his wife Liz, and their son Tyler. Mr Scott was hosting a tournament for Caddy For A Cure and the tournament was great. We had a lot of fun with our friends! And boy ...
Florida was great as many of you know recently we auctioned off the best golfer the Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus) at the Honda Classic and it was great. Then we headed to Doral in Miami which was our recruitment week for caddyforacure. We got a lot of ...
Ok so i've been slacking with this blog thing that's my fault I've been busy and sick now I finally get around to it for it to be the third blog update in Christians corner. Things are good back in Macon Georgia and the Caddy For a Cure tournament wa...
Ah life is good it's back to Macon, Georgia for another word from Christian Collins the National Spokesperson. We are all well in Macon, Ga we have been home and our summer has been very interesting we've been a few places a little bit of here and th...
Welcome to my new blog! Hi I am Christian Collins the national spokesperson for Caddy For A Cure I just wanted to tell you about my expereince in Hilton head this year it was a amazing fun time we had Boo Weekley and Robert Allenby doing Caddy For A ...
Wow! what a great experience last week at The PLAYERS. Our first day there we get invited to go see Paul Casey film a commercial wow! That was awesome where we met a really nice lady from The Golf Channel and some other really nice people we had a gr...
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